Northern Michigan Riverfront Property Pine River
Pine River Map


The Pine River watershed includes parts of four counties: Wexford, Osceola, Lake, and Manistee. It drains an area of 265 square miles, and ultimately discharges to Tippy Dam Impoundment in Manistee County. The mainstream is approximately 49 miles long and is formed by the confluence of the North and East Branches of the Pine River near Tustin in Osceola County. The river meanders southerly until it reaches the Osceola-Lake county line. Here, the river curves northwesterly until it reaches Tippy Dam Impoundment and the Manistee River. The lower 25 miles of the Pine River winds swiftly through a deeply cut channel with heavily forested uplands and is surrounded by gently rolling moraines. The river offers high-quality fishing, small-craft boating, and outstanding scenery. Many tributaries, the majority of which are high quality trout streams, feed the river along the way.