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The Pigeon River is located in the north-central part of the southern peninsula of Michigan. Its headwaters are located a few miles northeast of Gaylord. The river then flows in a northerly direction to its mouth at Mullet Lake, a distance of 42 miles. The Pigeon River system drains a surface area of approximately 88,000 acres and include 80 linear miles of stream.

The Pigeon is one of Michigan’s outstanding trout streams and is the favorite of a large number of anglers who return annually. The river receives large amounts of ground water, especially in the upper reaches. This high quality water coupled with high quality trout habitat is conducive to good natural reproduction. Approximately one-third of the stream mileage in the river system flows through lands in public ownership.

The Pigeon River watershed is readily accessible by automobile. The west side of the watershed is bounded by I-75, on the east is M-33 and to the south is M-32. A few miles before the Pigeon River empties into Mullet Lake, M-68 crosses the mainstream.

In addition, there are many miles of county roads, forest trails and fire lanes in the watershed.

There are 15 road bridges crossing the Pigeon mainstream, averaging roughly one every three miles of river.

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